Sunday, April 10, 2011




I don't know who came up with the idea for hundreds of romance fans to congregate in a hotel with hundreds of romance authors, but I really must thank them.

I could say I've talked to readers and booksellers and librarians and publishers and agents and that I have vastly advanced my knowledge of marketing, writing, and the newly emerging genres. I could say that and it would be true.

But, sadly for my character, the real truth is that I've been HANGIN' WITH THE B*TCHES!

Sarah--who is the the SNARKIEST woman on the earth!

Jane--who camouflages her hilariously dirty mind behind the classiest facade :)

Lorraine--ballsy librarian/opera singer!

Veronika--beautiful woman of many accomplishments!

Cass and Dani--(because they always come in a set) who introduced me to the concepts of the Buttery Nipple and garlic fries!

Miriam--who found the greatest steampunk bar in LA!

H.P.--brains and beauty!

Jennie--with the immortal ass!

Boyd--Okay, Boyd is not a girl, but for the purposes of this blog, we nominate him as an honorary "B*tch"!

And always, my buds, Susan D and Darbi, who make everything ten times funnier than it really is!

I am breathless with laughing, drinking, laughing some more. Thanks, gang!