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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Circulating Library ~ Regency England

Did you know that in 1815 a 3-volume novel cost the equivalent of $100 today? Such a price placed a novel beyond the reach of most people. Then, as now, circulating libraries provided a place to gather, relax, and engage in leisurely pursuits.

That being said, I'm headed to the library to return the T'ai-Chi For Dummies book I've checked out and renewed three times. I just have far too much writing to get done!

You can read more about the circulating libraries in Regency England [here].

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fox Hunting in #Regency England

Did you know that the number of buttons on a man’s hunting jacket differed according to skill? It turns out he master of the hunt wore a scarlet coat with four brass buttons, while the huntsman had five buttons.  Amateur hunters had four buttons. You can find more interesting facts about fox hunting in Regency England [here]

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#Regency Era Accessories--Still Fashionable Today!

It amazes me to see the rate at which advances in science and technology change our lives on an almost daily basis, and yet at the opposite end of the spectrum, some of the fashionable accessories popular during the Regency era are still with us today. Have a look for yourself. [Read more]

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anatomy of a Regency Letter

Long gone are the days when handwritten letters were all the rage. Truly, it is a lost art, or perhaps craft is the better word.

We have learned to condense our lives into a mere 140 characters and share it with the entire world in short bursts of self-disclosure.

AAMOF, I GTM when I realize we now communicate with IM's, tweets, and Facebook status updates. Though, IRNCOT in depth. I will say, our FTC with glorious written words is quite sad. ISSYGTI. Hope you enjoy the post. BBFN!

[English translation]: As a matter of fact, I giggle to myself when I realize we now communicate with instant messages, tweets, and Facebook status updates. Though, I'd rather not comment on that in depth. I will say, our failure to communicate with glorious written words is quite sad. I'm so sure you get the idea. Hope you enjoy the post. Bye bye for now!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

This is the time of year I spend a teensy bit too much time looking for fabulous garden ideas.
(Shhhh. . .that's just between you and me;-)

I stumbled over this AMAZING retired builder, Lowsen Robinson, and his scaled down buildings.

Can you believe the phenomenal attention to detail that goes into each and every one of his creations?

Read more [here]. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Love Between the Covers!

Well, it's finally here! Love Between the Covers is releasing  a film documenting a fun, honest look at the romance community! I am so thrilled to have been a part of this wonderful project and am so excited about helping to get the word out to you about the film! You can find it here on Amazon.

There are even going to be fun prizes you can win here. Enjoy!