Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I am lucky.

I am lucky to be a writer.
I am lucky to have readers.
I am lucky to be gifted with words and to be paid for it.
I am lucky to see my books in print.
I am lucky to have an agent who cares.
I am lucky to have an editor I like.
I am lucky to be allowed to sit in my pjs at home and make a living.
And no matter what happens in this crazy, upside-down industry, whether it recovers or sinks slowly into the past, I am lucky to be part of it.

So I kind of wish people would stop b*tching and get back to telling stories.


  1. Hi Celeste,

    I'm feeling lucky too be a reader, read so many book and knowing much good author, i have your 3 book from the runaway brides and hope i can read it soon ;)

  2. Can I just add a big, fat, DITTO?

    Counting my blessings!

  3. Celeste,
    I love your books...I just gobble them up....may you enjoy your writing and provide us more fablous books.
    What happened to Ren Porter??